About me

Psychoanalytically capable and concise
With a friendly smile and genuine interest I quickly put people at ease. All the while I am curious and alert; always in search of the motivation behind a statement.
The human psyche is such that answers often stay below the surface. I put people in a comfortable place, keep my ears open and ask the right questions. That will eventually bring out the comments you need. Distilling the most relevant core from the stories we have harvested, that in turn requires in-depth knowledge of my client. This is why my clientele appreciates my reporting; to-the-point and containing only what they need to know.

Careful advice, flexible and prompt
I have a flexible approach and a quick response time. The network of reliable partners I built up over the years allows for short turnarounds and high quality delivery. Nonetheless, a careful approach to your research setup is key to relevant returns. Some subjects require different approaches than others. Agreeing on a fitting research design, based on valid assumptions, is essential before projects start. Working together with my clients, we are able to find the questions that matter, which brings us the answers that count.

Fancy a coffee?
Curious what I might do for your organisation? I’m always available for a coffee and a chat.